Food-based health

Suggestic’s infrastructure is trusted by leading businesses to deliver personalized food experiences and health programs.

  • Personalize programs with labs and devices
  • Offer remote coaching and progress tracking
  • Bundle products i.e. supplements
  • Personalize programs with labs and devices
  • Offer remote coaching and progress tracking
  • Bundle products i.e. supplements

Delight your

Use the Suggestic Food A.I. Platform to deliver ANY personalized nutrition experience. Offer the deepest personlization options.

Food Manufacturers & Retailers

Unlock revenue and increase both loyalty and engagement through smarter shopping experiences.

Home Delivered Meal Kit Services

Offer the deepest personalization according to your customers’ health and lifestyle needs.


Deliver highly-tailored food as medicine programs. Provide in-app supplement ordering.


Increase customer LTV by acting on contextually relevant points to offer repeat purchases, renewals, upsells and cross-sells.

Wellness Coaching

Provide a highly-personalized meal planner and companion app. Manage client nutrition and track progress.

DtC Health Test Kit

Support customer health and lifestyle goals. Collect valuable behavioral and lifestyle data.

Deep personalization

Suggestic offers the deepest personalization options. Personalize down to an individual's biology.

Restrictions & Preferences

Full granularity. From individual ingredients, to dietary groups e.g. FODMAPs.

Lab Tests

All labs supported (blood chemistry to OMICs). User results fed back into personalized dietary programs.


Integrate with consumer devices (e.g. wearables) to tailor diets according to real-time measurements.

Full developer platform

We remove the technological challenges and offer solutions to accelerate time to market according to your needs.


Enhance the customer experience. Lower development costs. Accelerate prototyping and development.

White Label

Deploy your app within weeks. Integrate lab tests and devices. Deeply personalize dietary programs.


Develop even faster. We provide libraries, code samples, and other utilities.

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